Prue Acton

Prue Acton OBE, internationally renowned fashion designer, now practising as a professional artist and colourist.

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ABC This Weekend Life

May 9, 2021

Click on the image below to listen to Libbi Gorr interview Prue Acton and her daughter Tiffany Treloar on Mother's Day, 2021. Fast forward to 1:36:30 to hear the interview.

ABC This Weekend Life with Libbi Gorr interviewing Prue Acton and Tiffany Treloar, 2021

The Age

March 12, 2021

Click on the image below to read the full article in The Age recently, where Prue Acton talks about life in the fashion industry back in the 1960s and is referred to as Australia’s answer to Mary Quant.

Article in The Age March 12, 2021

Museums Victoria

August 30, 2019

ABC Goulburn Murray on Facebook

October 4, 2017

ABC Goulburn Murray on Facebook

Watch the ABC interview with Prue Acton on returning home to her birthplace of Benalla.

Domain Review on Facebook

March 2, 2016

Domain Review on Facebook

Watch the interview with Prue Acton recalling her favourite fashion memories.

ABC News

August 13, 2011