prue acton

Prue Acton (OBE), internationally renowned fashion designer, now practising as a professional artist and colourist.

A little bit about Prue

Prue Acton is an Australian fashion designer, often referred to as "Australia's golden girl of fashion" during the 1960s. Prue received a number of awards during her career, including three international awards for Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms, five Australian Wool Board Awards, three David Jones Awards for Fashion Excellence and four Fashion Industry of Australia Lyrebird Awards, as well as receiving an OBE in 1982.

After closing her business in the early 1990s, Prue now works as a professional artist. She initially wanted to become a traditional artist - a painter - before focusing on fashion. At 15 years of age, Prue went to RMIT University (officially the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). She was one of the youngest ever to attend.

Right after graduating, Prue worked on clothing samples, and began her business in fashion design. At the start of her career, she wrote a fashion column for the journal Go-Set and was the first Australian female designer to show her own fashion range in New York.

Prue returned to painting in the 1980s. She shifted her focus from fashion to painting because she didn't want life to be all about making money and was becoming far more interested in painting. Prue found the art forms to be quite similar. She attended life drawing classes at Swinburne College, and studied painting with Clifton Pugh and Merv Moriarty.

Colour Courses

Prue Acton runs workshops on colour and colour relationships around Australia. Check back soon for information on Prue Acton's Colour Workshop Program 2020 including her RMIT University Short Course: Colour and Design, later in 2020. (Below is information on her January 2020 course.)

Prue Acton and Merv Moriarty will jointly exhibit and give an Artists Talk at Bodalla Gallery, Princes Highway, Bodalla NSW late in the year (2020).

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RMIT Short Course - Prue Acton: Colour and Design

11th, 12th, 18th and 19th January 2020

Master ground-breaking principles and practical tools for your colour vision with Prue Acton Short Course at RMIT.

In this colour and design practical course we will explore how to use colour effectively and creatively as artists, architects, teachers and designers of fashion, textiles, interiors, print, digital and games. Prue Acton will lead the participants through a series of practical colour principles in original ways. The relationship between light and pigment, colour matching, colour mixing and creating effective colour relationships will be covered.

This multidisciplinary course introduces participants to colour and design through practical means. Your creative vision will come to life using modern colour principles and practical tools and methodologies. The objective will be to use colour effectively and creatively.

*Discount available for RMIT students, staff and alumni.